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Dycem Mat - 250 x 180mm

Product Description

Dycem Mat: 250mm x 180mm


  • A unique non-slip material that can be used in many applications
  • Solves many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered by those with limited dexterity, restricted mobility and reduced wrist or upper limb strength
  • For those with visual impairments, Dycem is a fantastic aid to secure objects in place, making them easy to find and use
  • Dycem products, which grip on both sides, are not sticky but grip to any surface without the use of an adhesive
  • Product range consists of mats and material on a reel that can easily be cut to size
  • Anchor Mats are moulded, while Reels are thinner for more flexibility
  • All Dycem products are latex free and washable in warm soapy water