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Product Description

HUG by Laugh is a sensory companion designed to bring pleasure and comfort to people living with dementia. With its soft body housing a beating heart and weighted limbs, it provides a hugging sensation when cuddled to enhance overall well-being.

HUG™ is backed by academic research and has been extensively tested in hospitals, care homes, and with individuals living at home. Findings from NHS qualitative evaluation (hospital setting) HUG was found to:​​

  • Reduce anxiety and agitation​
  • Provide reassurance​
  • Improve communication​
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation​
  • Provide a sense of purpose​
  • Increase oral intake​
  • Provide an alternative to medication – reduced falls risk​
  • Enable medical procedures and personal care ​
  • Modify distressing behaviours ​
  • Enable patients to feel ‘grounded’ (proprioception)


  • Soft Comfortable Body
  • Weighted Limbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Built in music player
  • Rechargeable


Dimensions: 46cm x 28cm x 18cm

Weight: 1.3Kg